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Yeast infection can be very annoying but there is help. It can be caused by many different circumstances.

Reactions to foods and chemicals can also contribute to the frequency and intensity of these problems.

Foods to Avoid:

AVOID All sweets, watch out for hidden sweeteners in things like juices and breads.

Avoid oats (Instant), Cornmeal

Pasta if made from white flour, noodles of all kinds

Cakes, pastries, cookies, dough-nuts and processed baked food containing sugar.

Walnuts, in fact most Nuts & Seeds Peanuts, Coconut,Pistachios etc

Dairy Products including yoghurt


All Fruits have fructose a kind of sugar and therefore do promote yeast growth and contribute to yeast infections. Have fruits that are low in fructose like apples and avoid the very sweet fruits like pineapples and grapes.

Watch out for condiments they are loaded with sugar!

Keep to organic meats as the added hormones and antibiotics can cause havoc with your system and contribute to problems greatly.


If its green you can probably eat it and find its helping keep your body alkaline and keeping the environment less hospitable to attack.

Some women have found that even different types of washing products leaving residue on their underwear can contribute to problems in the genital areas.

Try clicking this link to see if there is information that may be of assistance if you are experiencing problems.

Yeast infections can be difficult to deal with and many women find the problem recurring time and time again. Sometimes creams and lotions can be of great assistance other times you may have to look further for the real cause.

Don't discount the fact your diet and lifestyle can play a relatively important role in contributing to symptoms.

Some people believe that having an acid environment from excess sugar consumption can greatly contribute to these conditions in both women and men.

Picture above shows discharge of white milky fluid from vagina. This may be accompanied by itching and burning sensations. Should you have any symptoms or suspect that you have a vaginal problems immediately contact a licensed health care practitioner for diagnosis and treatment.

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If you need further help or advice please call the CDC.

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