The First Outbreak

Herpes symptoms are usually apparent within two - twenty days after contact with an infected person.

An early indication (prodrome) such as itchy tingling can be felt by many people prior to a herpes outbreak.

Sometimes the first outbreak is very mild and can be confused with a pimple, shaving or sweat rash and not noticeable. Whilst in other cases, the first outbreak is a visible rash, blister or sore.

Recurring outbreaks may manifest anything from redness and itching rash to areas of blisters that break leaving open lesions.

The virus itself normally resides in the nerves behind the ear (Usually HSV1) and in the lower area of the spine (Usually HSV2) and stays dormant with no apparent effects and no visible symptoms. At this time passing on of the virus is still beleived to be possible due to asymptomatic viral shedding.

Normally healing occurs naturally in most cases between 7 to 14 days with minimal or no scarring.

Typical Symptoms

Whilst present in the skin cells or mucous membranes the herpes virus reproduces itself rapidly and starts to multiply causing the recognizable symptoms.

At first usually a tingly sensation is felt signaling the approach of an episode. Subsequently an area of skin may be noticebly red with mild or extreme itching,then within a day or two fluid filled blisters may becoming apparent. Eventually the blisters break leaving open lesions that heal after regeneration of new skin over the area usually within seven to fourteen days.

Symptoms of the infected area:

* tingling sensations (a first sign.)

* itching sensations.

* burning sensations.

* become painful.

Other herpes symptoms may also include:

painful fluid filled blisters on the infected area, flu like symptoms and fevers, headaches, a burning sensation when urinating, joint and muscle aches, swollen lymph glands, discharge from vagina or penis,

The first episode can be the most severe, covering anything from ten to twenty-one days.

If any of these symptoms occur, consult your doctor or other health care professional at once. A professional should always be consulted to diagnose and treat genital herpes .

Herpes Symptoms