Definitely No No No - unless you know......... herpes safe sex (cont.)

.....the person has been tested negative and has been celibate since (not had sex with anyone else) then that person could still carry a virus which you could catch through contact. Some people can have a virus within thier system yet still show no symptoms.

One STD, herpes only shows symptoms when a skin outbreak occurs. A person infected with herpes can shed virus even though they have no outward symptoms. Be on the safe side. Always practice SAFE SEX.

Herpes Outbreaks often occur on areas near or ajacent to the genitals, EG the thighs, buttocks, legs, etc possible due to these areas coming into contact with the infected area of a sexual partner. Bearing this in mind it seems possible a person could contract the virus from intimate contact that did not actually entail penetrative intercourse. Similarly you should be aware the same applies to oral sex & the virus can be transmitted by contact.

If you are in a long term relationship and you both get tested for all STDs and prove negative then you may decide to relax your protection - but even then you could be caught out, some STDs can lay dormant for years.

If you do have multiple sex partners make sure you don't let your guard down under any circumstances. A bad decision made when influenced by alcohol, or any other drug of choice, can have lasting consequences so you need to be always on your guard.

Most STDs don't end your life, some have the potential, but those that don't can sure can make it less enjoyable by limiting your choices, destroying the spontaneity, and generally introverting you. Something you don't need when you are trying to express yourself sexually

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