Important Notice:

Symptoms indicated in the herpes photos on these pages show the varying appearance during different stages of an HSV outbreak.

It should be pointed out that the symptoms vary considerably and trying to diagnose a medical condition from these herpes photos should not attempted under any circumstances.

If you have any symptoms or are worried you may have been exposed to an STD you should immediately contact your licensed health professional for proper testing diagnosis and treatment.

The herpes virus can be passed on from one person to another even though no apparent symptoms are present.

Some people have no symptoms whatsoever even though the virus is present in their system, for this reason being tested on a regular basis and asking your partner/s do the same is advisable.

Herpes photo

Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2.

Herpes outbreak photos

Showing open lesion tending towards healing stage.

How does someone catch herpes?

The pictures on this page show outbreaks occurring on the genitals and it is generally through intercourse or other genital contact that the virus is spread from one host to another.

Taking precautions such as wearing condoms etc is useful in the prevention of STDs however as the herpes virus is often present on areas adjacent to the genitals, IE the buttocks, inner thighs etc extra precautions are advised.

Additionally an infected partner may have no visible signs whatsoever, and may in fact not even be aware they are infected. In such cases this person may unknowingly pass the virus on and yet have no idea they are doing so. This is another good reason to get tested, moreso if you have had several sexual partners or are sexually active with multiple partners.

early herpes outbreak

Genital herpes at early stage of an outbreak.

penis herpes photo

Shows herpes on the penis before blisters have broken.