Herpes outbreak photos at various stages of the cycle appear below.

What is genital herpes?

Genital herpes hsv1 and hsv2 is an STD due to infection by herpes simplex viruses. Generally genital herpes is HSV 2. Some people don't have indications or symptoms of HSV-1 or HSV-2. When signs do show, they typically display blisters on or near the genitals or anus.( See Herpes Outbreak Photos ) As the outbreak progresses in its cycle the blisters break, leaving small open lesions that heal by themselves usually within 7 to 10 days.

Herpes outbreak photos

How common is Genital Herpes?

Studies have shown that on the average around one out of every six adults between 14 and 49 carry the genital herpes virus. It is thought to be more common in females with around one in five infected and less so in men with around one in nine. Genital herpes symptoms appear differently at various stages of the outbreak as seen in the photos on this page.

Photo of Herpes outbreak in woman

How do people get genital herpes?

Genital herpes virus infection is done through direct contact with the area where the virus is resident in the hosts body. The transmission of the virus is not limited to times when sores or rashes are present and can be transmitted when no outbreak is apparent. Skin to skin contact with areas showing obvious signs as in the herpes outbreak photos on this page will more than likely result in transmission of the virus. Further it should be known that anyone with the virus can infect a partner even when signs are not present therefore some kind of protection should always be used. Even then it is possible to pass on the virus as it can appear in places adjacent to the genital areas that are not protected.

Photos of Herpes blisters on penis

What are the signs and symptoms of genital herpes?

The majority of people infected with HSV 2 Virus are not even aware they are as they never display any outward symptoms as shown in the photos.

When symptoms do occur there is usually a rash or blisters, flu-like symptoms, fever, swollen glands and possibly other skin irritations that when mild can easily be mistaken for jock itch, shaving rash, insect bites etc.

Herpes on vagina photos

Herpes outbreak photos


Please be aware the photos on this page are for interest purposes only and can never be used to diagnose any medical condition. Should you have any kind of symptoms or suspect you have been exposed to herpes or any other STD get checked out with blood tests by your registered practitioner immediately.

Where can I get more information and help?

CDC-INFO Contact Center 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636) Email: [email protected]

National Herpes Hotline (919) 361-8488