Herpes Signs:

What are the female symptoms herpes? The virus usually shows easily identifiable signs on a woman which are quite easy to identify, though this is not true for all cases and often no signs appear at all. Its estimated that 60% of women that are affected will not experience any symptoms of the herpes virus. It is possible they can transmit the virus to their sexual partners without being aware.

Visual signs of genital infection in a female usually appear as a rash in the vaginal area which can be as mild as a reddening of the skin or as sever as large areas of inflamed skin with watery blisters.

When not sever the first signs can often be ignored by the majority of women as they can take on the appearance of a harmless pimple or sweat rash on the skin. Symptoms in some cases can become less sever as time passes and outbreaks can often cease by themselves.

Other are less fortunate and recurring outbreaks cause consistent irritation. Some sufferers take medication which can suppress the outbreaks while others opt for herbal and natural remedies which can provide some relief and soothing of the irritated skin.

Secondary infections should be avoided by not touching the areas infected and making sure that any clothing and garments are loose fitting so as not to increase the irritation

Women in particular should avoid stress and undue activity when an outbreak is present as the area affected being normally moist can be the ideal situation to encourage bacteria and secondary infection.

Symptoms can include:

- Redness in infected area.
- RashWatery BlistersCold
- Flu like SymptomsFever
- Aching Joints

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