Dating with Herpes and Meeting a Partner

Dating with herpes and meeting a partner is one of the most difficult problems facing the person with genital herpes. It is always something that has to be discussed with a potential sexual partner. But at what point? From the feedback we have received this is one of the main factors that distress people with the virus. You can meet someone right for DATING right now who will totally understand your situation and definitely will NOT reject or disparage you in any way. You will be delighted.

Due to the social stigma attached to a virus that effects the sexual area of the body it isn't something most people care to advertise about themselves too broadly and feel shy about sex & dating.

However having said that the virus is non-discriminating when it moves from one host to another and anyone can catch it with just one encounter.

So in reality it is not a sign of promiscuity, poor hygiene or even stupidity. It's just the luck of the draw and the best way to play the hand is to do all you can to ensure you don't spread the virus and to educate yourself on one of the most successful herpes treatments that is available.

Dating with herpes and meeting a partner whether hsv1, hsv2 or any STD can be difficult but why not try the Positive Singles Dating Site. Its free to join and browse members and send a free contact "wink" if you like the look of someone you see. Dating with herpes is easy and there are a lot of support groups for people who are looking for a herpes dating site. - the best, most trusted and largest anonymous STD dating site!

Many people have stories about the subject of this website, some of them inspiring others show how cruel an inconsiderate some people can be. If you feel like telling your story please visit the "Tell your story page" by clicking the link below. You never know your words may give comfort or encouragement to someone at a time they really need it.

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You Are Not Alone.

It is estimated that the herpes virus has infected 1 in 4 American adults and this is all the more reason sites for dating with herpes and meeting a partner are becoming more popular.

That is 25% of the adult population and possibly as many as 60% of those people show no symptoms whatsoever and may not even know they have it.

That is possibly the major contributing factor in the alarming rate at which the virus is spreading. If you visit any of the many major dating sites like Adult Friend which has almost 20 million active members for dating you won't find a lot of people stating they are infected, possibly some are and either don't know it or don't care if they pass it on.

The point is this virus is spreading throughout the population and although is not life threatening is a big problem for a large percentage of people. The best thing you can do for your own peace of mind is decide that you will be responsible enough to abstain from sexual contact when you have an outbreak, and only have sexual contact with a partner that is aware of the risk.

There are some herpes dating sites that cater for people with HSV looking for dating with herpes and meeting a partner and the members should be congratulated for taking responsibility. One of the most popular is Positive Singles that has over 45,000 members looking to meet others for anything from casual encounters to long term relationships. Dating with herpes and meeting a partner can work if you find the right site with lots of members.

When you have Herpes, HIV/AIDS, or any other STD, it can feel like you are all alone in the world. Many people are afraid to reach out to the people whom they are closest to. You feel shame, embarrassment, fear, anger. The stigma attached to people with infectious diseases suddenly becomes personal, the jokes aren't so funny anymore. You are afraid of losing friendships and family altogether.

Being involved in Positive Singles makes some aspects of dating easier for people with STD's. Your condition is known up-front, your partner can offer you support based upon personal experience. You don't have the worry of infecting someone that you love.

Positive Singles is a place where you can find friendship, support, and even love. You won't have to worry about being rejected on the basis of your condition. No matter what kind of infectious disease you have, everyone has asked themselves the same questions you have asked yourself, had the same fears of disclosure, of being alone.